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General Transcription Skills Needed to Succeed: Good Grammar, Listening Skills and Speedy Typing

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Transcription based jobs are rapidly becoming one of the most popular means of earning a living or even extra money from home. If you are interested in getting a transcription job and working from your home, medical and legal transcription jobs aren’t the only options. A wide range of jobs are available online. Contrary to the popular belief, transcription jobs aren’t limited to medical transcription jobs. However whether general transcription jobs or medical or for that matter legal, anybody doing this work from home must have a lot of self discipline in addition to the basic skills required to be successful. A wide range of organizations have jobs for general transcription based work and since this kind of work is generally outsourced, one can easily find an online job as a general transcriptionist.

A start up transcriptionists pay scale is obviously not a large sum however if one is really serious in pursuing a career as a general transcriptionist and willing to devote time and energy to the job, the pay scale will gradually rise to a handsome amount. However despite of many statistics of transcriptionists earning large amounts of money, a transcription job by no means is a fast way to getting rich. The work requires patience and devotion however once you get into the flow of this work, you’ll have a steady stream of cash inflow which can help you save up, purchase your dream car or even allow you to go to that European tour you have always dreamt of!

The skills required of a transcriptionist, you must be clearly aware of what is going to be expected of you if you get hired as a transcriptionist. You are required to have excellent hearing and typing skills if you want to start working as a transcriptionist however implicit requirements clearly include hard work and devotion.

However if you do not possess excellent grammatical or typing skills, there is no need to worry because a wide range of tools are available online to help you improve your listening and skills in addition to perfecting your grammar including grammar tutorials and typing tutorials. You can even mention the courses and tutorials you have signed up for and completed in your resume which will indicate to the prospective employers your level of seriousness and devotion for the job. In fact some of the typing tests that you take online offer to print a report for you which can also be included in the application for a general transcription job.

An important fact to consider at this point is that you must be clear about the fact that jobs are available on a regular basis. If you fail to land your first job, then keep trying as available jobs become available on a regular basis. A good way to remain in demand and have a job is continuous updating of your skills.

General transcription includes transcribing anything from lectures to speeches to telephone messages, recording of meetings and even dictation notes.

This job can be fun if you have the right skill set and practice them. The most important thing, however, is that you can earn money while enjoying your work! Happy transcribing!

Catherine M. Miller has been a work from home medical transcriptionist for over 16 years. Come visit her successful stay at home transcription community at Medical Transcription Jobs. She also maintains daily updated job listings for general transcription jobs

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  1. January 14, 2012    

    Good Info.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. monika sychra's Gravatar monika sychra
    March 17, 2013    

    I am looking for transcription work, excel in Medical field but will try others.

    If you need typists please contact me.

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