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Tips On How To Find Freelance Transcriptionist Jobs

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In order to be a freelance transcriptionist, you must have a transcription job. There are thousands of work opportunities out there, some of which will fit with your experience level, your specialty, and will pay an acceptable amount for your work. There will also be many work opportunities will not be a good fit for you. The key is to find a job that provides work that you enjoy and that pays a decent wage.

Get your resume and cover letter ready and start applying. Here are a few tips on how to find freelance transcriptionist jobs:

Craig’s List

One of the most popular places to search for any type of freelance work is at Craig’ s List.  Since you are working from home, you can find freelance transcriptionist jobs anywhere in the country, or even in the world! Don’t limit your job searches to your local area because you could be missing out on some great opportunities.  Apply to a bunch of jobs, as most transcriptionists will have several contracts at the same time in order to have enough constant work.

Don’t limit  yourself to only replying to job ads, put ads out there offering your services.  Include your rates, your experience, they type of transcription you want to do. Sell yourself! Highlight  your skills and tell employers why you are the best person for the job.

Transcription Forums

There are a few great transcription forums out there that will allow you to network with other freelance transcriptionist. In a forum, people will share job leads and experiences with companies so  you will know which companies are worth applying for and which ones to stay away from. Some forums, like Transcription Haven, are safe places where people provide support to each other and help each other be successful. There are other forums that things can get nasty in, just like when any large group of people get together. The thing is to find a place that you like. If you don’t like it, stop going in there!  I have a few forums listed in the sidebar that I personally recommend.

Bidding Sites

There are bidding sites, like oDeskelance, which are considered the better ones, and there is also Guru,, and iFreelance. There are others, simply do a search to find them. Now, there are many pros and cons about these sites. Some people find a lot of great transcription work with good pay, others only find extremely low paying jobs. But it’s worth it to check them out if you have no other work coming in. You will have to create an account and some are not free to join. But once you get your first job, and the client leaves you positive feedback, it will be easier to get subsequent gigs.

So, these are just a few suggestions to get you started. There is always the old “Google Search for Transcription Companies” and just visit websites and apply for jobs. But you don’t know if they are looking for people at that time.  These other routes will probably prove to be more successful while looking for a freelance transcriptionist job.




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  1. Anita L. Westcott Anita L. Westcott
    August 22, 2013    

    Thank you for your advice. It was very helpful to me. I am new at this sort of thing. I have a chance at a job where my daughter works but I would like to expand after I get some experience. Thanks again

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