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3 Medical Transcriptionist Online Res...

3 Medical Transcriptionist Online Research Tools

The following are some of the many web sites you may find helpful while you are working through a medical Transcription course, like Career Step, as well as during your day-to-day work as a medical transcriptionist. should be at the top of every medical transcriptionist’s resource list. It is designed to help you […]

Break Into Freelance Transcription Fo...

Break Into Freelance Transcription For Free

Often,  people ask me the question “How much money does it take to become a freelance transcriptionist?”  The answer is simple.  None.  While there are a few key pieces of equipment that will undoubtedly make your job much easier,  you can break into general freelance transcription for free. The only thing you need to break […]

Controlling Light In Your Home Office...

Controlling Light In Your Home Office: The Key To A Comfortable, Productive Space

Ask any office worker if light is important to a comfortable work space and it is likely that the answer will be yes. Unpleasant glares can make it hard to concentrate on your work; reflections and harsh light can even lead to fatigue and headaches. Here are some tips on how to set up an […]

Net Transcripts Looking For Experienc...

Net Transcripts Looking For Experienced Law Enforcement Transcribers

Net Transcripts is currently recruiting Experienced Law Enforcement Transcribers to work from Home: Net Transcripts is overflowing with law enforcement (LE) orders and we are in need of experienced LE transcribers to work from home as independent contractors transcribing audio content of criminal investigations and internal affairs. Court reporting experience is welcome! The pay is per audio minute and […]

This Website Is Getting A Make-Over!!

This Website Is Getting A Make-Over!!

  Hey Transcriptionists! I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. In order to continue bringing you information about freelance transcription, reach out to more readers, and make Freelance Transcriptionist Road the best online resource for freelance transcriptionists,  I’ve decided it’s time to take this website to the next level. The first step in doing […]

Setting Up An Ergonomic Typing Space ...

Setting Up An Ergonomic Typing Space To Encourage Productivity

As a freelance transcriptionist you can enjoy a lot of flexibility in when and where you work. With more people than ever using laptops for work, many transcriptionists work at various locations throughout their home. This can lead to distractions, taking away from your productivity and ability to give your work the strict attention it […]

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