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Definition Of A Freelance Transcriptionist

A quick look at what a freelance transcriptionist does and how to become one

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Transcriptionist Training

A list of the best transcription training programs available online

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Transcription Companies

Links for over a hundred transcription companies to help you find a job

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This Website Is Getting A Make-Over!!

This Website Is Getting A Make-Over!!

  Hey Transcriptionists! I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. In order to continue bringing you information about freelance transcription, reach out to more readers, and make Freelance Transcriptionist Road the best online resource for freelance transcriptionists,  I’ve decided it’s time to take this website to the next level. The first step in doing […]

Setting Up An Ergonomic Typing Space ...

Setting Up An Ergonomic Typing Space To Encourage Productivity

As a freelance transcriptionist you can enjoy a lot of flexibility in when and where you work. With more people than ever using laptops for work, many transcriptionists work at various locations throughout their home. This can lead to distractions, taking away from your productivity and ability to give your work the strict attention it […]

Now Hiring…..

Now Hiring…..

View image | Hello Transcribers!! I’ve recently been contacted from a couple different companies asking me to help spread the word that they are looking for new transcriptionists. Keep reading to learn more about each company and how to apply: The Comma Police –  Canadian-based company looking for general transcriptionists and proofreaders with some […]

State Of The Medical Transcription In...

State Of The Medical Transcription Industry – An Informative Infographic

  For More Information: Click anywhere on the Infographic to be taken to a special Career Step website for Freelance Transcriptionist Road readers. Choose your career path, and then hurry up and enroll. You can still get the Cyber Monday deal, which is $500 off the price of tuition and free shipping for all course materials!

5 Tips To Improve Typing Speed

5 Tips To Improve Typing Speed

I thought today I’d break out one of the first articles I posted on this website back in 2011, because it’s still a relevant part of most transcriptionist’s lives. The faster and more accurate you can type, the more money you can earn!  While it is very important to point out that being a fast […]

StenTel Information Management Servic...

StenTel Information Management Services Is Hiring!!!!

Hey Transcribers! I just wanted to send out a quick message to let you know that StenTel has had a slight name change and it’s now called StenTel Information Management Services, or StenTel IMS for short. But even more exciting news is that they are currently hiring ICs for Medical transcription RIGHT NOW, so feel free […]

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